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Macron at the Louvre

Macron at the Louvre,
Macron at Versailles,
Macron on a trip,
Macron in the countryside,
Macron rides a bike,
Macron plays tennis,
Macron at the beach,
Macron is sailing,
Macron puts on a jersey OM,
Macron plays football,
Macron in Top Gun,
Macron is hoisted,
Macron at the controls of a submarine,
Macron taking a selfie with Mimi-Siku,
Macron washing in the bucket of water,
Etc ...
Macron in Chambord,
Macron skiing
After the confusing miserabilism of # Holland, the French believed in the miracle of a new laundry that had not passed any test before! From the chauvinistic presidency to the presidency of the Com ', the era of emptiness that he fills by the image and a bomborrhea, when it is not outrageous, a flood of words that pollute our listening, everything is dramatized in the extreme, because it is mediocre! There is no New World, just a monstrous smoking. Megalomanism, tartufferie, immaturity and misfires!
The vacancy of power continues!
Besides this, if you want to explore more about Asia, a Myanmar tour package will be an ideal choice for you.
Or if you intend to visit Southeast Asia, let's take a Heho to Inle Lake to discover more new things.

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Update : 22-01-2018


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